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Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur


Welcome to my digital world!

I’m Muhammed Rajif, a passionate Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur, and a wealth of experience in the dynamic world of online marketing.

I provide digital marketing services like SMM,SEO,SEM, web development, and more, I’m committed to helping my clients achieve their digital marketing objectives.

My journey began with Digital Marketing Course at CDA Kochi, where I honed my skills and acquired industry-relevant knowledge about digital marketing field. And started internship at Quad Cubes.  I assist businesses in expanding their reach to a larger marketplace.

I am also confident that I will significantly change the goals you have for your business. I can hold you if something interests you.

Are you ready to improve your digital presence? Let’s grow together

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is important for businesses due to its targeted advertising, cost-effectiveness, global reach measurable results, and brand-building potential.

In today’s growing technology, every business owners are trying to make their Website and Social Media Presence well known. This helps in the growth of their business in the online platform and take the necessary steps for it. It will also be helpful to understand the customer’s opinion and their requirements in digital platform.

Therefore, you can start learning what your prospect or clients are seeking for by talking with them online. You will build connections with your clients by doing this. As a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur ,compared to traditional techniques digital marketing strategist enables you to target potential customers and reach a wider audience.

A great marketing strategy has always relied on connecting with the audience at the appropriate time and place. So there is always a chance in business to need a freelance digital marketer.

What is the Importance of Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur?

In Kerala, Kannur is one of the cities with the highest population and with good people. Emerging industries and development are going to change the head of Kannur. As the district is preparing for such a change, it is possible to see a lot of job opportunities in the field of Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur.

Thus, as a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur , it will helping in the field of getting additional clients or sales, new businesses shouldn’t depend on traditional offline advertising. They need to take their business online as well. They’ll generate more income as a result of higher sales, by appointing Digital Marketing Strategist In Kannur .

As a Freelance Digital Marketer in Kannur is  someone you should typically focus on employing if your firm is located in Kasaragod or Kannur, Kerala, and you wish to switch to online advertising methods in order to save time and money.

Fields of Expertise


Search Engine Optimization

SEO A method for getting your website ranked #1 on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is Search Engine Optimization. As a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur ,it will contribute to a rise in website traffic. This approach to website ranking is natural. Since SEO is a lengthy process, results do not appear right away.

Email Marketing

As a Freelance Digital Marketer in Kannur , Email marketing is a strategic method that digital marketers take to connect with their customers. We can introduce new products in your business through e-mail marketing campaign. It also helps in constant communication with the customer. Build connect with anywhere at anytime.

Content Marketing

As a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur, Content is the king of marketing. It helps attracting in new customers to purchase your goods. You must create engaging and valuable content if you want to use content marketing effectively. There is a lot of potential for content marketing to draw visitors and increase website traffic.

Website Design and Development

Web Development is the most important step in digital marketing. A good website will make the business at top in SERP and also in customers mind. Because before buying a product 75% of customers are visit your website and make decision.I can help you in creating a website that is right for your type of business and interests.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, every business makes their presence known on social media. Therefore, as a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur i suggest that social media marketing is very important. Social media marketing can help a business reach its target audience and thereby increase their sales through social platform. It also helps in brand awareness.

Digital Strategy Development

Digital strategy development involves crafting comprehensive plans to achieve business goals through online channels. It integrates various digital marketing tactics to maximize brand visibility, engagement, and conversions. Strategic analysis, audience targeting, and performance tracking are essential for success.

Digital Marketing Qualifications


The people who will use your stuff depends on them. Creating engaging and informative content, for example blog articles or videos, is the key to keeping readers interested and coming back for more. Providing content that is helpful for your audience can help you build their trust and improve their engagement, which will eventually increase brand awareness and client loyalty.

>Enhanced awareness of the brand
>Increased website traffic
>Wider reach
>Lead generating
>Increased contact with customers 
>Enhanced brand loyalty

Businesses need a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur , because it helps them reach and interact with potential customers, which in turn boosts revenue by sales and expansion by growth.

need strong communication skills, analytical abilities, creativity, tech expertise, content production abilities, social media knowledge, SEO expertise, data analysis aptitude, flexibility, and strategic intelligence for success in digital marketing.

As a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur, I can help you grow your online presence, increase your website traffic, improve your search engine rankings, and boost your sales through strategies like SMM, SEO, SEM, web development, and more.

In today’s growing digital marketing economy, keeping in touch with and connecting with your target audience needs a strong online presence. As a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur, I can speak to the fact that digital marketing helps you to accurately target specific groups of people, build brand awareness, and monitor campaign effectiveness in real time.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist In Kannur, I agree that businesses should invest in SEO because it makes it easier for customers to find them online. More customers may find your business when they are searching for goods or services similar to yours when your website appears higher in search results. This implies that you will have more opportunities to attract clients and develop your business as well.

There are several advantages to hiring a Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur, or anywhere else for that matter. A person with previous experience in Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur will have a greater understanding of the features, practices, and preferences of the local market.   


Rajif is a true expert in the field of Freelance Digital Marketer In Kannur. His content creation skills captured the essence of our brand perfectly. We noticed an obvious increase in engagement and conversions under his leadership. Really surprised with the end result.
For our brand, working with Rajif changed everything. His expertise in SEO optimization and web development took our website to greater heights. He really knows how to engage consumers on the internet and is trustworthy and proficient.
Fashion Designer
In the field of digital marketing, Rajif is a gift. His thorough knowledge of SEO and creative approach to content production significantly improved our online presence. Someone with this level of expertise and enthusiasm for their career is unique. Highly recommended


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